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"Every bike shop offers you a spare parts service . Why should you try us rather than one of the others?"

#1 We have the stock - we keep more parts in stock than other dealers

#2 We keep a lot of the kinds of parts that other dealers don’t bother to stock

#3 We have the specialist knowledge on racing and competition parts that the other shops don’t have

#4 We keep those special high performance and tuning parts in stock

#5 We deliver anywhere and everywhere- everyday we are supplying customers in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, the world at large .Wherever you are we have the shipping expertise to supply your needs.

#6 Easy payment by C.O.D. ( local & nationally ) , and Amex/Bankcard/Visa/Mastercard, Paypal or direct deposit ( local, national or overseas).

 Fax us your quote on (61 3) 9899 6661 or email spare parts


Steve Hunter - Head of Spare Parts Department at Mick Hone Motorcycles.