"Performance shouldn't be painful."

Sick of finishing a ride with a sore back? Or sore wrists? Or a sore neck, shoulders and a headache? Thinking of selling your bike because it's just too uncomfortable to ride any reasonable distance?

Before you do, consider Helibars. Helibars replace your existing clip on/handlebar set up with new components change the position of your handlebars. In most instances, the bars will be raised somewhere between 1 and 2 inches, as well as sweeping back towards the rider. This movement will mean the rider will also move up and back, closer to an upright riding position.

The majority of Helibar sets are fitted to the bike with little of no modification required. When required, the Helibars come with new brake or clutch lines, otherwise, your stock lines remain and are not needed to be changed. Check the listing for your model.

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